Predicting the future is impossible, however, interpreting and preparing for it is our responsibility ……

The first time I heard the word Omnichannel was approximately 7 years ago. Talking to an expert on Ecommerce mention this will be the future of retail, 7 years later I am sure this is part of the new future but not everyone understands how to do it well in pro of customer experience.

By itself, this word has become the pillar of all the internal departments of the company, when speaking of a new buying and selling experience for the consumer and/or the company.

And the vast majority of the efforts that we identify in companies have been directed to building this gigantic lego that consequently leads us to a true digital transformation.

It is clear that the challenges we have faced for just over 365 days have forced us to ask ourselves: how far or how close? we are to meet the objective not of being omnichannel, but rather of self-evaluation and knowing whether or not we have started with this challenge.

Omnichannel, from my point of view, has its origins, where it all began, many years ago, perhaps many of you started your working life.

Today, when I ask about what is Omnichannel? The most common answer is:

“Make products and services available to our customers through any point of contact”

In definition, Omnichannel consists of having different purchasing methods for our clients; unifying strategies and experiences; This applies in eCommerce, physical store, mobile applications, kiosks, call centers, social networks, and marketplaces “

That is why this old acquaintance gives us a much bigger challenge than just having products available, options of purchase methods, delivery options, etc., etc.

If today we generate content for mobile, desk, tablet, we start with voice assistant, content for car screens; We are not really thinking about personalizing experiences.

Why your VIP client, Loyal, whatever you say? He has to see the same publicity that others see, the same offers, and he deals with himself at the point of sale.

In conclusion: yesterday it was CRM, Direct, Data Marketing. Today it is omnichannel and tomorrow it will surely have another name, but you must be one step ahead of the competition, donñt be afraid to try new things to reach the customer.

What will not change is the business objective “SELL” and what must be adapted is our Contact Strategy and the content that we must deliver through any point of contact.
Very interesting things are coming for everyone from esports, AI, digital content to mention some of what I do believe e-commerce will be growing.

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