Predicting the future is impossible, however, interpreting and preparing for it is our responsibility ……

The first time I heard the word Omnichannel was approximately 7 years ago. Talking to an expert on Ecommerce mention this will be the future of retail, 7 years later I am sure this is…

  • Here how Inditex understood the importance of e-commerce, to build one operational system to connect all the stores worldwide and invest seriously in this new adventure to continue selling thru their e-commerce site. Here some information for their latest financial report.
  • to have one Inditex’s executive chairman, Pablo Isla, said…

I have been working in the digital world for over 25 years. Either as an entrepreneur, creating and developing digital companies, or leading digital areas within companies.

In these years, I went through different industries, such as retail, marketing, and social media. I experienced the digital transformation in eCommerce Driving new technologies to our customers, implement the first WhatsApp Customer Service, and the first social e-commerce.

I am passionate about my work, I like to share, learn and read about digital transformation, I have created this space, stories of digital transformation, and technology

Digital transformation, how these experiences are changing our daily lives. and what is coming for the next years?

A least two times a week I will be posting new stories to share.


Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Expert, Interactive Strategist, Visionary, Connected, Creative, Coffee loving

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